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Welcome to Brown Badger Publishing, where love and laughter inspire imagination while learning valuable life lessons along the way. Thank you for joining us on our journey with Artie McFartison The Artisan of Farts. 


We love to laugh and have fun reading, just like you. Check out our latest funny children's book that's all about farts. You're going to LOVE it!


Our first book, Artie McFartison The Artisan of Farts, inspires self confidence in your body’s natural movements in a fun way.


Teach your kids that learning can be fun when you read about all the hilarious noises and smells your body makes naturally.

Artie McFartison The Artisan of Farts

Artie McFartison - The Artisan of Farts is a funny children's book that helps build self confidence and inspires kids to accept and love themselves for who they are, even the stinky parts!   -Laugh Out Loud Funny -Helps Build Confidence -Promotes Body Positivity -Never Give Up Attitude -Positive Vibes.. Even When It STINKS!


This book is hilarious.

My son laughed through the entire book.

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